A more intuitive and efficient way to search for information. Hu:toma combines neural search and  conversational AI into a holistic search experience. 

Conversational Search AI

Hu:toma AI ingests unstructured documents to make the data easier to understand, analyze, and extract. 


Understanding AI

With Neural Search, Hu:toma can better connect words to concepts and improve ranking and relevance.


Search Engine

Just like when you chat with your assistant, you can use natural language to search for answers.

Conversational AI 


A more natural and intuitive search experience

Hu:toma extracts specific answers directly from unstructured documents, so you don' t have to spend time finding it.  Interact using natural language and voice just like you do when you talk to your virtual assistant. 

Transform your data into Chatbots. Automatically.

Data Ingestion Pipelines

Automatically classify documents into custom groups or pre-defined categories.

Documents Classification

Flexible hosting options: On-Prem or Cloud. Managed or unmanaged. 

Cloud or On-Prem

A web based UI to simplify the process of managing content.

Business Console

Automatically answer user questions by extracting content from unstructured documents.

Answer Extraction

We customise our solution to fit your needs.

Custom Integrations


State of the art machine learning tools

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