Deep Learning

Train complex conversational AIs using only chat examples and our deep learning network. No coding required.

Small Talk Ready

Each AI comes with a core knowledge to handle common questions and create a more realistic interaction.


Hutoma developers can make their AIs available for hire and monetize their work through our marketplace

Powerful Analytics

Our analytics gives insights into how visitors find and interact with your AI.


Out of the box clients for telegram, facebook chat, slack as well as widgets for web or mobile apps

Fully Scalable

Our AIs are hosted on an high performance cloud and can scale automatically based on your needs

Sell Your Bots

A unique store where you can find both the tools and the channels to create and monetize your bots.

Neural Conversation Models

no hand crafted rules


Instead of requiring hard coded rules, your AI can learn to talk to you by analysing simple examples of conversation.

Mix and match your AI with other chatbots avaiable in our botstore.
hutoma digital companions

You can deploy your own AI on most common messaging platforms or your website so your customers do not need to learn or download yet another application.


Hutoma AIs can be instructed to learn from users and be proactive during a chat session.



Join our community and start publishing your own conversational AIs for free. Start from scratch using only text examples or mix and match existing AIs from our botstore.


AI is the new UI! Develop state of the art software interfaces for your clients. Export hutoma bots to facebook messenger, slack, mobile and more.


Reduce your staff cost by deploying artificially intelligent AI that can act and behave like your staff. You can train your own AI using your existing chat logs.


Massively scalable virtual employees can now help expand your business at a fraction of the costs. Use powerful analytics to track how your customers interact with your AI.

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